Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quiet Places

Quiet places. Peaceful places. My favorite places.

Tiger resting at my feet while bird's songs find their way into my bedroom through the open door - the curtains swaying to their melodies.

The stillness of the morning sneaking in the new day as the sun peaks through the top of the big oak in my backyard. Beauty unseen by most on this beautiful weekend morning.

My internal clock, pushing me to get a move on is steadily being silenced by the spirit within me, yearning to linger in these peaceful moments. Even Tiger seems to sense the disruption.

Peaceful places. My favorite places.

They call me to view what the world tries to hide - those things or real importance. The pleasure of the company of a friend, sitting and visiting simply because.

Times to reflect on inward treasures and perhaps even traps and snares in need of removal.

A life filled with good things, all gifts from a generous Father not at all selective in the dispersal of His love.

My favorite places.

Anywhere beauty abounds. Some place nature is.

The moment I come home and walk through my door after a long day - one of my most favorites.

The turtle park, as I have come to call it, where Tiger and I gleefully greet the creatures who dwell there with awe and chow mein noodles.

The place my "other" family greets me with smiles and hugs, every Sunday morning, and where my heart feels most at home.

My quiet place. My peaceful place. My favorite place.

Resting in the presence of the One who sees to it, that I am at peace wherever He is.