Friday, July 3, 2009

Old Friends

I was at a friend's house for a party not long ago, when the host came up to me and said she had something she wanted to send home with me. When she told me what it was I felt a sudden urge to gather my things and go right then, even though I was having such a great time.

During one of my many moves several years ago, this sweet friend had offered to store this item in her home for safe keeping. Treasures like these should never see the inside of a storage unit or someone else's garage for extended periods of time, and they were far too precious to be in the care of just anyone. She recognized their priceless nature and so in her care they have been for almost three years.

As I started to make my exit from the celebration, my friend went into her bedroom and brought out a dusty old suitcase -- my suitcase. Being that it was rather heavy, her husband carried it out and placed it in my car for me. I drove home excitedly pondering which forgotten treasures may laid inside.

When I arrived home, I could not wait. I immediately laid the suitcase carefully unzipped the bulging bag. Instantly a familiar, almost forgotten smell was released as I opened it up - the smell of old friends. Roberts, Oake, Moore, Goll, Frangipane, Murray and Moses were all there as well as many others. What a delight it was to finally have them all home with me!

As I looked through and removed each one, memories of seasons past flooded my mind. Many of these friends were instrumental in guiding me through those times - times of sadness, joy, sacrifice and triumph. Many bore tear stained pages whether from heartache and sorrow or from sheer unbridled laughter, but all had shared in my maturing over the years. How good it was to see them again!

Being not at all biased, I began to wonder which I would spend time with first. I love them each dearly, so that decision proved to be a bit too difficult. Therefore, three of these friends are in my night stand awaiting their turn.

It is amazing how refreshing their presence has been to me these past few weeks - like a breath of fresh air. I believe there is truth in that old saying, "old friends are the best friends."

However, I believe there is an even greater truth about such friends. They are treasures that never lose their value or purpose, destined to be shared and revisited for as long as they exist.