Thursday, October 1, 2009

Foreign Thoughts

I was asked the saddest question today. It caught me so off guard that I forgot about what we were discussing and began to wonder what would cause this person to ask such a thing.
It's not often that someone renders me almost speechless. So when it does, I take note.

In speaking with someone about my upcoming Open House and describing the event, another vendor asked, "Why would you invite other people to sell their products as well, and not keep the benefits (bookings, profits) all to yourself?"

HUH? What? I was so bewildered by her question. I'm sure I must have yelled into the phone, "Well, why wouldn't I?"

Her idea was so foreign to me. To not share? I'm not patting myself on the back or tooting my own horn at all. I hope this is not how I sound. I was just so shocked to hear someone actually say something like that out loud and mean it! I felt so sad for her.

I went on to say that I enjoy helping others succeed and that I get great joy from being a part of that process. Plus, let's face it. I am a networking guru! I know a little of everybody and I will gladly tell you so if I think it might help you find what you need. She agreed to enjoying networking as much as I. I somehow doubt it given her initial response to my invite.

...but back to my original point.

Here lately, I am encountering the same sort of thing at work. I am assisting three separate individuals who all have a specific list of duties they want me to complete each day, or as time permits.

At times, when one of them is out or seriously behind in her work, she gets first dibs on me and gets me all to herself. She is the only one with this privilege and she DOES NOT LIKE TO SHARE! I won't go into details but suffice it to say that if I don't stop what I am doing at the very moment she needs me, she lets me know she is not pleased. Fortunately, I don't typically let other people's stress issues become mine. She doesn't like that either. Oh well!

Just how do you get to the point where YOU are all that matters? How do you get to the point where no one else does?

There is more joy in helping another to accomplish something than in succeeding all alone. That is what I am persistently trying to teach my coworker as I assist her. I try to do so always with a willing heart, a smile on my face and all while humming loudly with my earphones on. Even she can't help but laugh at how seemingly unmoved I am by the enormous workload and her increasingly elevated stress level. I just keep humming!

Now as for today's conversation, I pray this vendor is blessed next week when she comes to my home. I pray she experiences a brand new way of networking. Not one that is out to get as much as it can but one that is determined to give even more, looking to meet the needs of others and receiving a much bigger blessing in the process. Perhaps then she will understand.