Friday, March 28, 2014

Is That You God?

Many struggle with hearing God and knowing his voice. Here's a little hint that might help. His voice sounds a lot like your own. 

I was thinking about a friend recently. So I sent them a note regarding the thoughts which came to mind. Seconds later they responded, telling me how encouraging my words were to them because of something that happened that very day, which I knew nothing about. I think God was nudging me to send that note. He sounded a lot like me.

After getting in late one night this week, I was sitting at home relaxing when I felt lead to pray for a friend. The next day I was communicating with their spouse and I asked them about some issues I felt lead to pray for their spouse. Those promptings were right on.

Last week I didn't do so well. I had an idea of something nice to do for a friend but I let it pass, thinking it was something they didn't need and/or which they could provide for themselves. I found out later some details which I wasn't aware of about my friend's current situation. I realized at that point that I had been hearing from the Lord earlier, and I should have followed those gentle nudges. You know, God sounded a lot like me. I repented and moved on, determined to live more aware and sure of His leading.

Hearing God's voice requires being in God's presence. If we want to be more sure of when He's speaking, then we need to cultivate a listening ear. That will come by spending time with Him, and allowing Him to have a say in the conversation. I miss a lot, but I also get it right sometimes. I don't know about you but I'd like to increase those moments until they outweigh the misses. Daily, I'm learning.