Friday, September 4, 2015

Take Your 15 Minutes.

I'm away on a BIG girl's trip this weekend, and by big I mean over 200 women who barely know each other, are traveling from all over the country to celebrate a journey we've shared together for five months - a book launch. But that's not my story. I'll share about that another time in a different post. I want to tell you about just a portion of this trip.

This weekend I'm staying in a house wit nine other ladies, quite a stretch for this single homebody who is not a morning person. But these women have become so dear to me that I consider it worth the risk. Right now there are only five of us here and I want to tell you about them.

As is typically the case for me when I travel with others, I was up before the house awoke this morning. I need my alone time and my coffee. So I went out into the living area and with coffee in hand, I had some time with Jesus.

Don't think me super spiritual nor anything. I just know me and how I can be when I miss my time with Jesus. It is for the sake of others, largely, that I do this!

I won't lie. It was sweet and having that time before anyone else woke up, was a true gift. Thanks, Lord! But it's what happened next that was the real gift.

As the house began to stir, one by one I saw my housemates sitting down with their bibles and journals in hand, to have time with Jesus. As one who encourages women in their spiritual journey, this blessed my heart to no end! I think this is why our hearts have been so easily knit together. They are the real deal Jesus loving girls!

Maybe taking 15-30 out of your morning to spend time with the Lord seems impossible and possibly, uncomfortable if it's not something you're used to doing. I want to encourage you to give it a try anyway. When I think about how much time I call on Him throughout my day, and how often I need His input, 15-30 each morning is by far the least I can give Jesus.

My housemates are wives, mothers and singles from all walks of life and we have laughed ourselves silly over some of the most ridiculous things, as girls will do when girls gather. They are NOT boring! They simply understand the importance of getting their 15 minutes.