Monday, December 7, 2015

Not of It - Only in It

Read John 17:9-26

"They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world."  
John 17:16

Not too long ago I changed out the curtains in my bedroom to match my new bedding. They were blue. Now they're white, but I got the ones that help with light, heat and cold. You know what I'm talking about?

The only problem is that now when I wake up it looks like a solar flare in my bedroom! It's so bright! It makes sleeping in difficult, and I am seldom a late sleeper. Never the less, I really don't like it when external elements affect my sleep. That thought prompted today's post.

Please read today's scripture passge in it's entirety. It is my favorite chapter in the Bible. Those pages are worn, marked through and tear stained, and they'll continue to be so. It's such an incredibly beautiful passage.

Jesus came to make us like Him, and not like the world. There are so many external influences around us every day that vie for our attention and, sadly our reactions. Think how greatly cynacism, criticism and opinions abound through media and perhaps some of the people closest to you. We don't have to succomb to that way of living. We can choose a different way to live because of the One who lives in us!

We get to be the light to others who want to be around us because our countenance, our words and our attitudes are full of hope. They reflect the light of Jesus. There is no better testimony and tribute to our Savior than a life lived in honor of him - daily growing into his image. 

No one is perfect. Yet here on earth is our practice ground. We get to learn to love like Jesus, to encourage like him, to bless like him, to give like him and to serve like him. We get to be the light to those we know who desperately need a savior. We get to usher in the kingdom of God in our little dwelling places here on earth. 

Let's choose to give the Lord a special gift this year. Let's not allow the world to influence us, for that is not the stuff we're made of. Instead, let's choose to be his pure light, and the thoroughfares through which he influences the world.

Lord Jesus, may we be one as you and the Father are one, so that the glory that is on you may be in us, resting, abiding and shining forth to a world in need or your love.